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The principle

The first confinement revealed to us in what loneliness, as a rule, foreign students find themselves. The second confinement is even more tragic, since it occurs at the beginning of the academic year, after only a few weeks of classes in relatively normal conditions, but too short for foreign students to have had the opportunity to forge links. with their French comrades.

To allow them to be welcomed and supported during this particularly trying period, the Collective wished to develop a sponsorship action. A referent and benevolent family is committed to supporting a young man or woman who sometimes comes from far away, by providing him or her with the human support he or she needs to discover French culture and face better conditions for the colossal challenge represented by this extraordinary academic year.



The forms below will make it possible to put Lyon families in touch with students according to their possible affinities.

If you wish to be godfather / godmother , we invite you to click on the button "I am godfather / godmother" .


If you are a student and wish to be sponsored by a family, click on "I am a student" .


Once your registration is complete, we will take into account your common points and put you in touch with your family or with the student wishing to be sponsored.

You should receive a confirmation email telling you that your registration has been taken into account.

Sponsorship charter

Whether you are a sponsor or a student, you agree to respect the sponsorship charter below.

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